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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Update

I've fallen off the face of the Earth for a few weeks but thought I'd resuscitate and give you all a quick update.

So I recently moved.... not sure if I've mentioned that before... and when you move, it takes time to get your home feeling like home.  I think I've finally reached that point where it now feels like home.  I've arranged furniture, added my little spice to it, and it just looks so cute and comfy.  I love my new apartment.   I'll probably post pix of my new place once I get the frames and wall art up. 

Work has been a bit hectic... I'm talking overtime, coming in early to finish off work, travel, etc. Working at a law firm and prepping for trial is no joke!  I'm talking working 7 days a week, 10hrs a day!  And some cha-ching!!! lol 

My hobby couponing... what more can I say.  I'm slightly obsessed.  I've settled down a bit on the couponing (like 5 days a week I'm out shopping, clipping, organizing, and reading up on couponing deals).Yes, I'm crazy but don't hate on my savings! lol. 

As for fitness... well that's on hold. haha!  I'm going to start it up again since I haven't eaten healthy or exercised in a month!  I feel like I gained 20lbs!!! Uggh... but I'll be back on that fitness grind March 1st! :)

Well, I'll try to post a bit more.  Thanks to all my followers/readers/stalkers/lovers and friends for being there even through my absence.  Appreciate the love! 


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GorJess23 said...

Cyn please come back!!! =)

Miss ya xoxoxoxo