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Friday, November 2, 2012

Smokey and Winged

For Halloween, I decided to dress up as a Kitty Cat.  I didn't go out to a party or anything but instead I volunteered at my daughter's school Halloween event.  I wanted to be the cool mom and show up dressed up.  Let me tell you, it was a big hit.  I had all the little kids telling me how much they liked my makeup.  My daughter was Ms. Popular for the day.  Best part of all, when she saw me in my costume, she was sooo happy!  She told me how much she liked my costume and that I was the best mom ever!  Yep, I think I'm the best mom ever. :)

I decided to put to use the NYC smokey eye palette I received on my Beauty Bloggers Vox Box. 

NYC Smokey Palette

Primer and Illuminator swatched.

 The shadows were very pigmented.  

 First Look
Kitty Cat Eye Makeup

 I used the light color on the inner corner and a little to highlight my brow bone, the second to dark grey-ish color all over the lid, and the darker grey-ish black color on my outer v and a little on the crease.  I then used MAC's Soft Brown to blend out any harsh lines.  Applied thick eyeliner using a felt tip liner (Bombshell liner I received from the October Ipsy bag), used some Sally Hansen silver glitter to go over the liner and MAC's Kohl eye pencil for the water line.  I also applied the Kiss false lashes I received from the VoxBox and ta-da!  The eye makeup is complete. By the way, I am really loving the lashes.  They are so natural looking and the glue was great! Not once did these babies try to come off. 

 2nd Look

Soft Smokey Eye Look
 For this look, I applied the light color on the inner corners of my eyes, I then mixed the light silver shadow with the grey-ish shadow and applied that to my lid, then I used the dark grey-ish black shadow for my outer v (used it very lightly), and used the same shadow on the lower lash line.  Applied liquid liner, MAC's Kohl liner to water line, and mascara.  Really simple and makes your eyes pop!  

So far I am liking the NYC palette.  The colors are pigmented but apply very soft.  I have to really pack on the shadow if I want the shadows to show up darker.  Other than that, it's a great palette and I plan to keep using it for some more soft smokey eye looks. 


GorJess23 said...

Oooh la la Cyn I love both looks!! The winged eyeliner looks great on you!!


Miss Tapia said...

Love them! So pretty!

Ashley Marie said...

I love the smokey eye with the glitter, gahh your talented! You make me want to start playing around with makeup again. I got so boring and do the bare minimum now a days. I think I'll spice it up with some glitter this weekend. Keep up the amazing work love! :)


Merrybelly said...

Love it!