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Friday, December 21, 2012

Current Skin Care Routine

I was inspired to do this blog post by the lovely Emerald.... She posted her Morning Skincare here

Skincare is something I've taken seriously over the past year.  I am getting older and my skin isn't getting any younger so I really have to focus on those tiny wrinkles and under eye circles oh and I can't forget, those stubborn blemishes that pop out of nowhere and my lovely acne scars.

My morning routine consists of many things but for the sake of this post, lets stick to how I care for my skin.

Step 1: Splash some warm to cool water on my face to wake up.
Step 2: Apply a Stridex pad all over my face using gentle, circular motions. I use this to remove any oil or dirt that was obtained by my pillow or sheets or whatever could have come across my face while I was sleeping.
Step 3: Let my face absorb the product.  When I apply the Stridex it leaves my face a bit moist so I make sure to let it air dry before I proceed to Step 4.
Step 4: Apply Olay cream all over my face and neck.
Step 5: Apply an eye cream.  I'm currently using a moisturizing eye cream by CVS (drugstore brand). 

Then I proceed to apply my makeup. :)

My night time routine is pretty simple.

Step 1: Wash face using Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser and the Clarisonic MIA.  I don't use the MIA every night.  Only when I feel like I need that extra exfoliation but most of the time I use a circular cleansing pad that was given to me by my dearest friend Jess from GORJESS. 

Step 2: I don't use a toner often but when I do, I use Dr. Dickinson's Witch Hazel and apply it gently with a cotton ball.  I really like this stuff.  It smells gross but I think it works wonders for my face.

Step 3: Let my face air dry.

Step 4: Apply CVS brand moisturizer and eye cream.  I'm really liking the CVS moisturizer and I honestly think it has helped me with my redness (acne scars are reddish).  Best of all the moisturizer and eye cream cost me $3 each during a sale!  I think they originally cost about $12 so I saved a bundle on these.

Step 5: And most importantly, get your beauty sleep.

Well that is pretty much my skin care routine.  I just purchased a new cleanser so I'll be using that instead of the Biore one for a bit and see how my skin reacts.  I'll keep you guys posted. 



GorJess23 said...

Heey, I got a shout out!! lol Witch Hazel my sister uses that but I've never tried it.. I want a Clarisonic so bad!! I just don't want to buy one!! lol

So glad you finally posted again!! Missshhhed ya on here!!


Ashley Marie said...
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Ashley Marie said...

Ah I use the Clarisonic and witch hazel too :) I just picked up a refresh bottle from Target the other night. Inexpensive and effective!


Jessica said...

ive heard alot about the hazel stuff must try