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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Physician's Formula pH Powered Lip Gloss


According to the box, it is the first ever lip gloss that reacts to light and your pH for your perfect lip color.  The Fluorescein Based Dye senses the pH level of your skin and adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect lip color. The lip gloss has a LED powered applicator that lights up.  I think it comes in handy when you are in total darkness and need a flashlight.  Yes, it’s that bright.  It also comes with a mirror on the side which is great for touch ups anywhere and everywhere!  Also, it claims to last up to 10 hours under controlled conditions.  What the fudgsticles does that mean?  I guess no eating or drinking allowed if you want to have this lip color on for 10 hours.  

When I applied it, I let it set for about a minute and violaaa!  It turned out to be a pretty pinkish color.  Some might think it's too bright but I actually love it. 
Has a small lip brush but it works well when applied to the lips.  And do you see the light?  I turned off the lights so you guys can see how bright it is.  
The top pic is the mirror.  I just hope it doesn't break while hanging around in my purse.  (10 years bad luck!!! Nooo!)  The bottom pic is the on/off switch that is located on the top of the applicator.  It got a little dusty :-/

I've been using this bad girl for 5 days straight!  I like how moisturizing it is on the lips and the long lasting color.  I say long lasting because it stays on longer than any other lip glosses I've used.  I apply this in the morning before I leave the house and when I get to work (after I've had two cups of coffee and some snacks) the lip gloss is still on.  However, not as glossy as when I first applied it but you get the point.  The price ranges from $6-$9 and can be purchased at any drugstore such as CVS, Walgreens, or Target. 

Overall, I rate this product 4 stars.  I wish they came in a different color hue such as peach/coral or even nude but I'm not sure how that will work out with the our pH balance. I like having a lip gloss with a flash light and mirror.  Like I said, I just hope the mirror doesn't break. 

Have any of you tried this?  If so, what are your thoughts? 


Jessica said...

this is awesome very pretty colors as well

Hunter87 said...

Great Review.The cute color.

Ashley Marie said...

I am SO excited to try this lip gloss! Thank you for the review :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the review!!! i have never tried it, but i love the color!! :)

Janine said...

Man this looks awesome! I def going to check this lipgloss out!

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