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Friday, June 22, 2012

June Little Black Bag

Hey everyone, 
I thought I'd share with you what I got this month in my LBB.  If you want to know more how LBB works check out their website here.

This month I received four items instead of three.  That's because the purse I received in my April LBB bag ripped!  I love how easy it is to make returns/exchanges with LBB.  The customer service is really friendly and helpful.  They ended up giving me a credit of the value of the purse, which was $75.  What they did was provide me with an item of that value.  In my case, they picked out a necklace worth $75 but I ended up trading it because I didn't like it.  
On to my goodies...


I picked out the BCBG clutch in a peachy/coral color.  I believe this retails for $75 or $78. I absolutely love it!  It's a great size.  Not too small or big and fits a lot of my everyday essentials. 

Blue, Green Beaded bracelet.  I forgot the brand name but it retails at $45.
I'm loving this bracelet.  It fits perfectly and makes any boring outfit more fun.

Betsey Johnson Crystal 5 Row Chain Bracelet.  Retails at $50. 
I had originally gotten a spiked, stretchy bracelet but I knew that I probably would never wear it. 
Instead, I traded it for this one but because my wrists are so skinny, this bracelet slips off.
I plan to return it.

All the Rage Cut Out Leaf Earings.  Retails at $12.  
I love these earings.  They are so light and go great with any casual outfit.

Overall, I am loving this months LBB.  I am seriously hooked with this site.  I love the variety of products they offer, the trading, the friendly customer service, and the simple, no hassle return/exchange policy. For $59/month (this includes shipping and handling) I think it's a great deal for all these wonderful products. 

Are any of you registered with LBB?  If so, add me as your friend. If you have not yet tried LBB, click on the below link and get started.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it and love the products.


Ashley Marie said...

I am dying over your envelope clutch, it's gorgeous! I've been eyeing them lately and I think you've sold me on the idea. Beautiful summer jewlery too :) Thank you for the review, I keep getting more tempted to try the subscription.


MZ.CYN said...

@Ashley, yes it's a great site. I try not to go to the mall often because I'll end up walking out with more than I had wanted to purchase but LBB is great. I hope you give it a try.

Yaya Alcala said...

wOw...i love this clutch! <3 super cute! =)