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Monday, January 25, 2010

QT Diet - Day 7 & 8

Day 7 - 45 min. exercise in the AM (walk/jog) and 30 min. exercise in the PM (lunges, squats, abs)
Breakfast - Cup of coffee (wasn't really hungry)
Snack - Kellog's Cereal Bar
Lunch - Nachos
Snack - None
Dinner - Black Angus: New York steak, loaded backed potatoes, and much more. (So bad for my diet but tasted sooo good!)
Day 8 - 30 min. exercise in the AM (walk/jog) and no PM exercise.
Breakfast - blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries on top and some maple syrup and a cup of coffee (yummy!!!)
Snack - None
Lunch- None
Snack - Some ruffles (bbq flavor) and a half cup of Blueberry margarita (tasted like sangria)
Dinner - Leftover's from Black Angus
I know it was bad of me on Day 7 not to have breakfast but I already knew that I was going to eat @ Black Angus so I didn't want to stuff myself with a lot of calories. On Day 8 I didn't snack or have lunch because of the big breakfast that my babe made for me. Then I was munching on some chips and sippin' on some alcohol (it doesn't say anything about not drinking alcohol; it only says no caffeine since the pills already contain caffeine). Then the leftover's from Black Angus was yummy and filling. I seriously felt so stuffed...and that is not good. I didn't go "doo-doo" much either. I'm thinking it was the lack of water/fluids. But the weekend is over and now it's time to drink my gallon of water!!!
Keep posted for the rest of the week...It's almost over!!! BTW, as of 1/24/2010 I weight 140lbs!!!!! I'm hoping that by the 14th day I'm down to 135lbs. *crossing fingers*


Celly said...

goodluck, love. wish i was that weight at least lol. i got a long way to go.

i was suppose to hit the gym right now but eh, lazy - i try not to eff up my diet tho incase i dont hit the gym. if it werent raining, id walk in the am.

NayCake said...

just read all your diet updates! glad you are keepin us posted!

i know u said u've lost pounds but have u lost any inches??

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

@Celly - Thanks girl. It's easy to lose the weight with this system but the real challenge is to maintain it. Eating in smaller portions and exercising at least 30 min. a day will help you lose, tone, and maintain your weight. You can do it!! Just think about it...summer is just right around the corner! LOL.

@NayCake: You are welcome. Sadly to say, I didn't purchase one of those measuring bands/strings whatever they are called to measure my waist, thighs, bust, and arms. However, I am able to tell through my clothes. All of my jeans and pants are size 8 or 10 in womans. Now the size 8's fit pretty loose. Also, some shirts that didn't fit me from the arms now do. I should have gotten all my measuring supplies ready lol.

Malia said...

Good job on keepin it up, your almost there!!
Every time i read your meal updates i get hungry! LOL!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

@Malia - Girl you are too funny! It's so hard to eat healthy but I'm able to control my portions...somewhat. LOL.