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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My April Fav's

Hey everyone!!!  I figured I'd list my April Favorites and share with you guys what I've been using and lovin' this month.  Check em' out and leave a comment with your fav's for the month.  

* Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer 
* MAC Fix +
* NARS Laguna Bronzer (for contouring)
* MAC Melba Blush
* MAC Refined MSF (for highlight)
* MAC Pearl Cream Color Base (love it for highlight and it helps blush last longer)
* CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Gel Moisturizer (great for oily skin)
* CLINIQUE Superfit Foundation (review coming up soon)
* CLINIQUE Wash Away Gel Cleanser (makeup remover)
* Maybelline Stileto Mascara
* MAC Melt in Your Mouth Creamsheen gloss
* Rimmel Eastened Snob lipliner 
* Lush Buffy soap/exfoliator (not in pic)


CHOMSIRI said...

i love clinique products! esp the lotion and superfit foundation!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

CHOMSIRI...I'm in that Clinique phase right now!! I just started getting into their products and I AM IN LOVE!!! I'm going to be doing some reviews on their products as soon as I test them out longer. Thanks for the comment!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Last Stiletto! I agree

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Paola, LASH STILETTO IS THE *ISH!!! Makes my lashes look fake!!! LOL.