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Sunday, April 26, 2009

MY Weekend Madness

Can things get any worse????

On Saturday, April 25th my cuzzo had her wedding.  I did her makeup that day plus 2 other ladies (my mom and aunt).  You will not believe what happened to me on my way to my cousin's house that Saturday morning!?!  I was on the freeway and all of a sudden my car stops....I ran out of freakin' gas!!!!  I thought that I was going to make it but I didn't.  To make things even worse, my cell phone was dead!!!  I ran all the way to the nearest gas station and when I got there I couldn't even talk.  I finally got a lil' tank and filled it up with some gas and ran back to the freeway where I had left my car.  Next thing you know, the gas is leaking from the damn tank!!!  I tried opening it and closing it properly but it just kept freakin leaking!!!  I had gas all over me and my car.  About 20 min. later an older lady stops and tries to help.  The sad thing was that she didn't have a cell phone so I couldn't get in touch with anyone.  About 30 min. later a cop shows up and finally he helps me put some gas in my car!  I drive to my cousin's house and she was soooo pissed!!!  It took me an hour long to get to her place when I live about 10 min. away.  I got to business and finished her makeup in 30 min.  She had enough time to get her dress on before the limo arrived.  It was the worse thing that can possibly happen right before a makeup gig and especially a wedding!  Luckily, she looked beautiful and her wedding turned out great!!!
I will post some pix up as soon as I get them.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any before and after pix because the damn NEW camera I bought didn't have a memory card.  Well, it did but it broke somehow!!! LOL.  What a weekend!!!

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