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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My BIrthday Haul!!!!

Today, I am 24 yrs old....but damn do I feel like I'm 21.  LOL.  So word on the streets was that the MAC Hello Kitty Collection was available for purchase yesterday and since today is my bday I decided to get me some goodies.  I ended up purchasing the Too Dolly palette, Big Bow Lipstick, Mimmy and Nice Kitty Lipglass.  I didn't get much because I was on a budget.  However, I will be going back and purchasing the medium size makeup bag, On the Prowl nail polish, and one of the reflects glitters.  
This collection is soooo cute.  I love the packaging and the names.  I would definitely recommend getting one of the eye shadow palettes, 1 lipstick, and 1 lipgloss.  I passed on the blushes and glitter liners because I know I won't be using them much.
I will be posting up some pix and some looks with the eyeshadow palette soon.  So stay tuned...

Coming up soon....
  1. Coastal Scents Haul
  2. New Traincase
  3. Organization of Traincase
  4. MAC Hello Kitty Look#1

After going back and looking at the collection again, I decided not to purchase anything else because I felt it wasn't worth it.  I'm happy with the few products I bought.