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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Review: FACE FRONT Cosmetics

Hey everyone, 
I stumbled upon Face Front Cosmetics after seeing swatches from www.fafinettex3.blogspot.com and I loved how pigmented and vibrant the colors looks.  So, I ended up purchasing some....


I absolutely love them.  They are a bit shimmery yet very pigmented and long lasting.  The blushes are very vibrant and a little goes a long way.  They have a variety of colors to choose from and the names are quite unique.  The packaging is also great.  Here are swatches of the colors I purchased...
 From the Top: Weekend Warrior, Pam Bam Wow, Hubba Hubba, Mad Money, O'Sailor, and cheek colors in Frawn Apawn and Buenos Aires.  

I highly recommend you guys to give them a try.  The price for each eyeshadow is $10 and the cheek color, I believe is $15 (too lazy to look it up, LOL).  

Oh, and I just saw that ITSJUDYTIME posted a 25% off on Face Front Cosmetics.  Use promo code: HOLIDAY25.  Now is your chance to try some for a cheaper price.  

Here are a couple looks I did with the shadows I have...

Of  course the camera doesn't do much justice to the colors but they "pop".  I would have added some false lashes but my daughter got hold of them and let's just keep it at that.  LOL.  

*Tootles Lovelies*

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