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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hawaii - Pic Heavy

I went to Hawaii at the end of March and I had an amazing time.  My friend had an itinerary ready for us and every day we were doing an activity.  The weather was great and you bet I got a tan!

Here are a few pictures.

Waikiki Beach 

Huanama Bay - We came here to go snorkeling but it was kind of cold so we didn't stay in the water for long.
H Bay

This is where we came to go Jet Skiing.
How beautiful is the water.
Jet Ski Location

Right before we got on the road or shall I say water. lol.
On the wet one

Our surfing instructor.  I must say that surfing was my favorite activity and I want to do it again.

I just wanted to lay out on the beach and relax.

On the Booze Cruise called Mai Thai Catamaran.
Unlimited Mai Tai's and an 8 mile cruise was just what I needed to get the party started :)

At the Luau - It was an amazing experience.  Definitely a must-do if you ever go to Hawaii.

We had just gotten off the canoe ride.



And finally, I got to see my friend who just moved out to Hawaii.
Me and Lique

If you decide to visit Hawaii, make sure you visit Giovanni's Shrimp Truck located in North Shore.  They have the best shrimp ever!!!!

I love Hawaii.  It's definitely not a place I'd live in but would love to visit the other islands and enjoy the sun and beautiful ocean.


HeKeLa said...

That looks so amazing!! Im so waiting to get to Hawaii..I cant wait!

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

it looks like it was an amazing time!