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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MAC Style Warrior Pre-Release Party

pix courtesy of www.temptalia.com

I attended the pre-release party to the Style Warriors collection and let me tell you...I have never been to a pre-release party so I figured it wouldn't be sooo chaotic....WRONG!!!  OMG, the line wasn't long or anything but inside was a MAD HOUSE!!!!  They had 2 setups of the collection on each side and everyone was all over the place.  I swear I couldn't get around anywhere.  I did have a martini and a mojito ice tea.  Overall, it was a good experience but it was so last minute that I came unprepared.  I didn't bring a camera and I was on my work clothes looking like "caca."  

Anywho, on to the products.  After looking at the display, there are a lot of products that can be dupeable.  For example, the solor bits.  They reminded me of pigments like Muave, Gold Mode, and I forgot what other one.  So I passed on those but my bestie picked up two of them.  I'll be getting a sample from her. LOL.  The lippies were ok.  None really caught my attention.  Just the packaging.  The packaging is super cute!!!!  I mean who can resist zebra and leapard prints???  The shadows didn't catch my attention only the Vibrant Grape e/s which is a PRO item.  Tempting is already on the permanent collection, Bright Future is the yellowish gold one which reminds me of Goldmine, Soft Force is a highlighter e/s than can very much be dupeable and finally, the Night Manuevers e/s  (charcoal brown color) looked like something I already owned but I think I will be going back to get that one.  The blushers were nice.  I like them both, Eversun and On A Mission.  The nail polishes looked awesome but I refuse to pay $11 for them.  The lipglasses were ok.  None really caught my attention except for the bright purple one which is called Fierce and Fabulous.  I skipped on these.  The lipsticks were ok as well.  I only purchased one of them.  The bronzing stuff like the leg spray and lustre drops, looked great but I passed on those because I know I wouldn't be using them.  I also passed on the face bronzers since I'm already brown as can be and own the Refined Golden bronzer.  

I ended up purchasing Vibrant Grape e/s, On A Mission blush, and Brave New Bronze lipstick.  I really wanted the Golden Bronze loose powder but they were sold out!!!!  The MUA said they have that on the permanent line so I guess I'll get that next time.

On a side note, this is my personal opinion of the products that I saw today.  I really loved the packaging but I wasn't so excited when I saw them in person.  However, I will be going back and purchasing another e/s, the Golden Bronze loose powder, and maybe grab that purplish lipglass.  

If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  I check this baby often!!!  

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