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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coastal Scents Haul

So I've been hearing a lot about coastal scents products and I said "what the heck, let me see what all the hype is about!"  I ordered quite a few products and I am really impressed.
This is what I got:

28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette $21.95
Contour and Plush Palette $19.95
10 Piece Professional Blush Palette $16.95
Gel Liners in 24K, Deep Plum, Envious, and Sexy Pink $6.95 each
Italian Badger Deluxe Fan Brush $3.49
15 Empty Pans $4.95 (not pictured)
15 Empty Palette which includes the pans $7.95 (not pictured)

Overall, I am in love with what I purchased.  I've been using the Neutral Palette for a few days now and I absolutely love it!!!  You can do so many looks with it.  I also used the Blush palette and the colors are great.  I don't plan on purchasing any blushes for awhile now.  The empty palette, I used to press my pigments.  The brush stinks but it's pretty good for it's price.  I haven't used the Contour palette or the gel liners yet but I know that I will love them as well. 

If you don't have any coastal scents products, I would definitely recommend you give them a try.  The palettes are awesome!!!  Check em' out at www.coastalscents.com


princessvalecia said...

I love my coastal scent palette now I gotta get some brushes

maika said...

awww man i want some palettes

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Yes, coastal scent palettes are great and worth your money because you get so much yet you pay so little compared to MAC or even NYX. Check em' out maika!

The brushes are good for the price but let me warn you that they STINK!!! LOL. I used baby shampoo and they still smell funky!!!

nicoleyy said...

wow. i love the train case too. i wan the pink one. tehee! i cant believe yr 24. you don luk like it! :) and coastal scents are real gud, the only regrets i had with them are some brushes, not all o it tho..x
ps. it wont let me log in with me new blog soilogged in wit me email but my new blog is
oh-babe.net :)

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Nicoleyy, the traincase is freaken great!!! I just can't believe I got it for this cheap!!! The MAC one is smaller and is almost $300!!!! And I do agree that the brushes aren't THAT great!