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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What's In My Purse??

Curious minds want to know... 
what's in my purse.  
Ok, no one really wants to know but I thought I'd share what I carry around in my everyday bag. 

 My current and new addition to my purse fam is this pink Big Buddah handbag that I purchased over the weekend.  I was on the hunt for a non-black, non-brown, non-taupe purse and I came across this one at Marshall's.  I am so in love with it.  It's the perfect pink color - not too bright, not too pink but feminine and chic. I have no idea why the picture makes it look like its a red color but trust me it's not. This baby retails for $95 but I got it $39.99!!!

Now on to what's inside this beauty...
  • iPhone charger - I need to have this with me at all times.  
  • Coupon organizer - Yep!  Ms. Couponista over here carries around a small accordion folder with coupons that I know I'm going to use when I stumble upon a CVS or Walgreens. 
  • Small notebook - I don't carry this notebook around in my purse much but I had it with me because I wrote down some awesome upcoming coupon deals that I need to start organizing my coupons for.  Yes, another of my couponing items. lol
  • Tums - Need these for those high sodium, spicy meals. Or when I just feel bloated. 
  • Anti-bacterial - Comes in handy to fight off those germs!
  • Tiny pouch with nail clippers and nail file - I hate when my nail chips or it's too long that I need to cut or file so I like to carry this around for those type of moments. 
  • Makeup bag - Don't carry much in there other than a ton of lip products that I don't even apply through out the day and some powder and concealer. 
  • Kindle 4 - Love it for reading!  So lightweight.  I love my iPad more though! lol
  • Pocket calendar organizer - I'm a busy bee so I need to keep track of what I'm doing with my life. 
  • HK note pad - I write down jibberish in this one such as the name of a nice nail polish I saw or ideas on what to blog about. 
  • Zyrtec - I suffer from seasonal allergies and this summer they have been flaring up big time.  I take Zyrtec to help with the sneezing and sniffling. :)
  • Juicy wallet - My BFF! 

In a nutshell, my purse fits a lot of stuff and more.  On most days, you'll find torn receipts, pens, kotex liners, tampons, and toys but because this is a fairly new purse I  am trying to maintain the neatness. :) 

So, what's in your purse?  I'd love to know.  
If you have a blog post about it, leave me the link to your blog so I can check it out.  



Miss Tapia said...

I love these types of posts! I'm so nosy.lol I will be doing one soon!

LVMAKEUP said...

I love your bag , it's purdy ;)

Hunter87 said...

I like your bag.

Ashley Marie said...

I LOVE that red bag, it's gorgeous. I laughed when I saw your iPhone charger because I bring mine too and always question if I am crazy when I do. I love your blog, I think you've inspired me to do this post next :)


Merrybelly said...

yay!My favorite kind of posts... I love your wallet!

Bruna Araújo said...

Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


MAYRA :) said...

Hey! Thanks my vacation went great I know we practically are neighbors I live in the east bay..I also love these kinds of posts i'm so nosy lol and I like your purse fits a lot of stuff.


Anonymous said...

that purse is gorgeous! love the blog btw :)


EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Girl, I love your bag. Marshalls always have the cutest bags. It's such a gorgeous color and great alternative to the usualy black or brown. Thank you for sharing what's in your purse with ut.

Marie said...

Good deal on this fab purse! I also have to have my phone charger at all times.:D

- Marie

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I definetly feel like my purse is my life ! can't lose a single thing in there ! Thanks for sharing ! I love your blog, I am following ! Hope you will too :)