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Monday, May 7, 2012

April LBB Review

A little late but I thought I'd share with you my Little Black Bag purchase made in April.  Now if you don't know what LBB is, it is pretty much a monthly subscription (or you have the option of a one time purchase only) that costs $49.99 but in CA it's almost $60 due to tax and shipping fees.  You take a personal style quiz and then you get to pick your first item for your LBB.  Once you have chosen your first item, you pay in order to be able to see the two other items that were chosen for you based on your style quiz.  From there, you can either ship your bag (if you like all your items and are happy with them) or you can trade your items with other members.  The trading gets addicting and it's pretty fun.  So on to my first LBB...

I received my package at work and it looks like this.  I was so excited to get my hands on this box!


Once I opened it, the wrapping was in a nice, black tissue paper with a little logo sticker.  I thought it was really sophisticated.

The item I chose was this Nila Anthony purse.  I loved the pop of neon yellow/green and the size was perfect to hold all my junk.
Stinky Bag

A closer look...
stinky bag2

I really like the purse.  The only thing I was not too happy about was that it had a horrible chemical smell.  The smell was so bad that I sprayed a bunch of perfume, body spray, and even stuffed it with Bounty sheets.  After 5 days, the smell was still there.  I've been using it for 2 weeks now and unfortunately it still smells.  Not as bad but I can definitely smell something.  I emailed LBB and brought it to their attention.  They kindly wrote me back an email and said they would inform their vendors.  So from now on, I will not be purchasing any Nila Anthony bags.

My next two items were these:

LBB April

A ZAD necklace and ZAD earings.  I had original gotten a ZAD collared necklace in silver but was able to trade it for this gold one. The earings I was not too happy about but after 3 days no one wanted to trade with me so I ended up keeping them and now I absolutely love them!  

Here's a closer look:

closer look of earings
These babies are so unique and really durable.  I have not had a problem with them smelling funny like F21 jewelry.  So glad I ended up keeping these.  

Overall, I like the subscription but not really too happy about the price.  Almost $60 for these items when I could have possibly found similar or same items at TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls.  But this saves me gas and I just love getting packages.  Also, everything is very well and neatly packed.  And I just love the whole trading concept.  Hopefully I can get better at it and end up with more than 3 items next time.  I will continue to use this subscription and see how the rest of my purchases go.  

If you guys are interested and would like to learn more check out the below link

If you already have a subscription or have made a purchase with LBB, let me know your thoughts.  


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