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Monday, February 22, 2010

So close to Kim K and Reggie

If most of you follow me on Twitter...then you must know that I was super close to my fave person in the world...Kim Kardashian!!! I happened to be in Vegas when she was hosting a party @ Lavo in the Palazzo. It was an amazing night. Here are a few pix I was able to take without going all paparazzi on her. LOL. Although, I was snappin' shots like crazy.

Aren't they so cute together? Here's the link I saw on Kim K's blog and it's a great pix.
Click here.

She looked absolutely stunning...as always!!! I thought I was the only koo-koo Kim K fan but I met a couple of girls who were going crazy like me.

It's Kim...a few ft away from me....
What can I say???

Kim K fan right here :)


Valerie said...

Gosh Your soooo luckky! Wish I could have been a few ft away too-- Another Kim K fan right hurr :) Love the pics!

GorgeousMommyK said...

I'm so happy you got to see her!! Kim K fan right here too!! Team Kim! Lol Great pics girl!

MEVISH said...

she is stunning..I thought her and reggie split up? maybe not judging by the pictures

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Yes, Team Kim all the way!!!
@ Mevish - they had split up for a bit but have been together for awhile now.

ting RN said...

wow how lucky for u :) looks like u had fun :))

kimber doll said...

Awww, great pics! She's so stunning.... I'm sure I would have done the same!

Gigi said...

OMG you're so lucky!!! I totally love Kim K, she always looks gorgeous.

Meya said...

lucky! I am a Kim's fan too and a reggie's fan, i think he's handsome! you got great pics of them =)