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Monday, February 1, 2010

My thoughts on V-Day

For quite some time, I've never actually celebrated Valentine's day. Honestly, ever since high school. I remember the candy and balloon grams and they even had singing grams in which someone would pick a "romantic" song and a "singing crew" would sing it to you during class. It was very romantic and I would even buy myself my own Valentine's grams just to feel special (kinda silly now that I think about it). I also remember walking down the hallways at school and seeing all these pink and red hearts everywhere. I loved it!! However, after high school I never saw pink and red again.
For some reason, I just havent' been in the spirit of celebrating Valentine's day. I ask myself "Why celebrate Valentine's day with your significant other or friends when you can celebrate it any day?" Why should there be just one day to get dressed up, have a nice romantic dinner, recieve flowers and chocolate, and see the beautiful decor of red, pink, and white hearts? Does Valentine's day make it more romantic? Seriously, restaurants are jam packed with couples having a "romantic dinner" when they can go out and celebrate it any other day of the year. Why is it that women recieve flowers or chocolates or diamonds on Valentine's day? Men, why can't you send your lady some love other than Valentine's day?

Then you have those who don't have a special someone in their life. They are down at the fact that they don't have a Valentine. Now, who the eff cares. If celebrating Valentine's day is what you want to do, then do it! Even if it's by your self. I feel as if we "need" to have a Valentine so we don't feel lonely on such holiday. But really tho, why do we need someone to make us feel as if we are special?

For all my single people out there, enjoy your day, everyday, and spoil yourself from time to time. Go to a fancy restaurant, get yourself some flowers, chocolates, or a spa treatment and make yourself feel special because you are special!!!! Ain't no need to celebrate Valentine's day because you can celebrate LOVE day any day!!!

For all those that have a significant other, I guess Valentine's day just makes it official to go out there and do a lil extra for your significant other. If so, do what you gotta do. Look for that perfect Valentine's day card, fill the bed with rose petals, wear something sexy, spend a great amount of money on food and little special treats. Make Valentine's day meaningful to you and enjoy it with your boo!!!

I just felt like sharing my view and opinions on Valentine's Day. Many of you may feel different about it and I completely respect that. Again this is just my 2 cents on this lovely pink, red, and white Holiday! Hmm...maybe they should call it that instead. LOL.


Anonymous said...

aw that was a very nice and inspirational blog to everyone:] & i LOVE the pic.

Thanks for the nice comment though.I'm like close to everyone in my family so its defenitly a big change not to be with them every day but my boyfriends just feels my heart with love and Idk. I could follow tht boy anywhere:)

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

this was sweet, hope you have a lovely valentine's day yourself girl! <3

thanks for your comment! definitely check out the stuff in Daiso, sometimes you can find some great products there :) have fun shopping! xx