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Friday, December 11, 2009


Just wanted to blog about nothing at all!!! It's been freezing in Cali and now with the rain there is more of a reason for me to stay at home and blog. LOL. Just a quick reminder...I am having a mini giveaway so check it out here. Also, I am having a makeup sale. A lot of things have been selling so check it out if you're interested in growing your makeup collection. I hope you are all having a great month. It's the best time of the year...I love the Holidays!!!!

I wore this to work on Friday but even with 3 layers on, a coat, scarf, and a hat....I was freezing!!! Lol.


Malia said...
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Malia said...

That outfit is soo effin cute! I wish i can wear something like that to work in the city!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

@Malia - Thanks. It's casual fridays at work so I was able to wear my hat and some jeans. LOL. Gotta love Friday's!!!

Mary007 said...

You look so cozy and warm!! Yup it was cold in Cali last week...it's warming up again!!

Kate Gene said...

I love slouchy, round toe boots! Those are cute!


Kate Gene