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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My CBTsCloset.com Haul

After checking out Jacqueline's haul, I decided to make a purchase and take advantage of the 10% Off discount.  I received my package super fast...like 3 business days after I had placed my order.  It came in a cute lil box that says "Thank You" at the bottom right corner, and another lil star baggie with a zebra print tissue paper wrapping my ring and diamond shape necklace.  I thought it was sooo cute how they packaged my things.  

The pic above you can see the diamond shape necklace I got...It's pretty big and so pretty!!!

Here is the ring I got...It's so cute!!!  I wear it almost everyday =)

Finally, the necklace I got made with my daughter's name "DESTINY".    

I love everything I purchased.  I got so many compliments on the ring and the necklaces.  I will definitely be purchasing some more products in the future.  Check out www.cbtscloset.com.  


Pop Champagne said...

ohhh I love the necklace! I'm checking them out right now- I got my fingers crossed for them being able to ship to Canada!

hehe yeah I heart Jhonny Depp too! Is there any role he can't play!? His kids are so lucky to have the coolest dad around :D

Whit said...

dang i love everything you got girl!!!