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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer Review

I finally got around to doing this review. I apologize for the wait but just haven't been able to get it together...lol. Ok..so let's start with what this product is and my thoughts on it.

What is it? A moisturizer that is made of natural red grape seeds.  It offers sensational antioxidant properties, thereby helping to prevent the age-process.  It is:
* Natures most powerful anti-oxidant
* Anti-Aging
* Fragrance Free
* Non-Oily
* SPF 15

My thoughts: I've been using this moisturizer for over a month and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!  I apply this every day morning and night.  It leaves my skin super soft and smooth (other than the bumps from my damn acne).  The thing I love about this moisturizer is that when I apply it, it sinks right into my skin...It doesn't leave me that greasy, heavy lotion feeling...and I don't even have to wait for the lotion to sink into my skin before applying my foundation...I just slap on my foundation right after and BAM...I'm ready to go!!!  Most importantly, it has SPF 15 and is great for anti-aging...I'm trying to prevent those creepy wrinkles from showing LOL =).  The price is great!!!  It's $15.99 for a big pot of moisturizer (I'm too lazy to get up and look at the actual amount...LOL).  But it's a lot.  I think it should last me well over 4 months. The only bad thing about this product is the smell.  Although it says its FRAGRANCE FREE, it has like a grap-ie smell but I don't mind it at all.  I actually like it!  But other's might not...so I say give it a try if you are looking for a moisturizer.  Oh, I forgot...This moisturizer is great for ALL SKIN TYPES...Dry, Oily, Normal, whatever!!!!  I had Oily skin, then Dry skin, and now I'm back to Normal skin...and it's been good to me through all those different face phases!!!

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lindah said...

too bad they don't make a smaller size :( I don't like feeling commited lol! XD