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Saturday, July 4, 2009

BBQ with the FamBam

Hey everyone, 

First and foremost, I hope you guys had a great 4th of July and most importantly a safe one.  

I thought I'd share with you my 4th of July with the Familia.  It was my cuzzo's daughter's 3rd b-day party too.  We had hamburgers, hotdogs, Corona's, cake, pinata's, and overall craziness...lol.  Here are some pix....[pic heavy]

I look so effin' skinny in this one...love it!!!

Me and my lil cuzzo
My mama and me
Las Primas
Primo Mario
Primo Danny
And that's pretty much it...The pinata had money in it too so I ended up walking out with $11...hahahaha...and lots of candy for my baby boo!  Another b-day party on Sunday...woohoo.  I love me some parties!!! =)


Celly said...

you look great here!
you remind me of some girl i know...

GoldBeauty88 said...

You look so cute! omg! You remind me of Aliciakeys :D super gorgeous :) xx

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

@ Celly - Really?! I would like to see her...hahahah...I have a friend that people say we look alike...and I totally don't see it...lol

@GoldBeauty88 - Aww I'm flattered but Alicia is waaaayyy more gorgeous...xoxoxox

yvonne said...

you look so cute!!! i love love love that shirt too!!!! i love your style & i love your blog!!!