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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blush Collection

I decided to share with you my blush collection.  Lately, I have been into blush and my collection is growing.  I never realized that a lil' blush can brighten up your face anytime!!!!

This is how I store my blushes...

And this is it...not much but getting there...

Top row: Nars Orgasm/Laguna duo, Face Front Frawn Upon, Face Front Buenos Aires, MAC Just a Pinch gel blush, and Smashbox O-Glow
2nd Row:  Porcelain Pink, Petticoat, So Ceylon, Refined, and Blush of Youth
3rd Row: Spaced Out, On a Mission, Eversun, Pleasureful (cream blush), Melba, Mocha, and Coppertone
Last two are NYX Taupe and Mocha

Top 5 Fav Blushes are:
[in no particular order]

Nars Orgasm
MAC So Ceylon MSF
MAC Pleasureful 
MAC Melba
MAC Spaced Out


Anonymous said...

you have a lot lol
lovely collection :)

mszcheysser said...

I like your collection - makes me very jealous :) Haha. THATS ALOT OF BLUSHES! Wooo~

Celly said...

thats a great size collection.
pretty shades.
im not a huge fan of blushes (im a mascara ho) but i do want to grow mines and add more brighter shades, one more mac palette and ill be happy. lol

lipstick cherry said...

love ur collection!

MZ.CYN.DEZ said...

Thanks everyone for the comments...

@mszcheysser: it took me awhile to have this many blushes...prolly 2 years...lol

@Celly: You can't have too many MAC palettes...lol

Anonymous said...

Great Blushers!!! Love em' all girl !

Shopaholic Devil said...

u have a lot of stuff!! i love your collection :)
i 'll buy some more to have mine too!