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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge Update***

Today's weigh in: 140lbs
Goal: 135lbs

I haven't lost much and I think it's because I was sick for a whole week and wasn't able to hit the gym.  After I got better I was eating crazy!!!  And going to the gym when I had time.  I feel so disappointed but again, it only motivates me to keep trying. I think I lost inches because I'm purchasing a size 6 instead of 8 and instead of a Large I'm purchasing a Medium.  So I guess I'm good.  LOL.  Wish me luck this week.  Oh and Vegas is this weekend!!!  WOOOHOOO....can't wait. 


Chomsiri said...

hey hun! about the pink fake eyelashes, i bought them like that :)

hmmm im not too concerned about how much i weight as long as i look good. im too lazy to go to the gym, LOL! but good luck on it! :D you can do it!

have fun in vegas! <3

Pop Champagne said...

oh you're getting so close!! But I think you look good as is and hope you have soo much fun in Vegas, win the jackpot :D

Anonymous said...

I too was 140 and decided to loose the chub!!lol