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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I seriously only went to MAC to purchase 2 things from the collection but as always I ended up getting more than I expected.   URGH!!!  However, I am happy with my purchase.  Here is what I got and my input on it....

Aquavert E/S :  This is a Veluxe Pearl and it is a minty green color with white pearl.  I don't have anything like this and I missed it from the last time it came out so I had to get it.  It's such a pretty color and great for spring and summer.  

Butternutty Shadestick: It is a frosty light nuetral beige color that is great to wear alone or as a base for shadows to pop.  I had Penny shadestick before and it dried up really bad but these have a smooth texture and feel like butter when applied!!  

Refined MSF: This is a tan/peach/coral color and it gives such a perfect glow to your cheeks and overall face.  It is velvety/soft and provides a frosty metallic finish but is does not contain that chunky glitter.  I absolutely love it!!!  I applied it all over my face and my skin looked really polished.  It's not like any MSF I have so def. check these out.

Peppermint Patti Nail Polish:  Minty cream green color....soooo pretty for the spring and summer.  Love it!!!  

Here are the swatches.... (from the top: Refined MSF, Aquavert e/s, Butternutty Shadestick)

Overall, I really liked the collection.  The colors are fun but many are repromotes.  I would recommend checking out the MSF's and shadesticks.  I didn't get any of the lippies because it didn't catch my eye.  I swatched a couple but wasn't "wow'd!"  I'm really not much of a lippie person either.  So if you have time, check out the collection before it sells out!  

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